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Wondering how the rental process works?

The "Rental Process Steps" listed below will provide an​swers to the most commonly as​ked questions we receive. Knowing this information in advance will definitely help you stay organized and have peace of mind about the options you choose to go with.

Step #1: Choose 

Decide which rental items and quantities you'd like to rent. It is wise to only choose what you know you'll need for sure at the moment that you're placing the order. This will avoid having you to cancel items and paying for cancellation fees (50% of the rental price up to the full amount depending on when you cancel). You are welcome to add more items to your existing order once you know for sure. Keep in mind that adding at a later time will depend on availability.

Step #2: Add to Cart

Add all rental items to the shopping cart online and fill out the "Online Order Form" (you will find it under the Ordering Steps on the top of the home page). Ordering online gives you the discounted price listed online but requires full payment upfront. Ordering over the phone gives you regular pricing & only requires a 50% non-refundable deposit upfront.

Call here for phone orders: (801) 918-4602

Step #3: Secure your order

Fully secure your rental order with us by paying for it online or make the deposit over the phone. We do NOT hold or reserve any rental items without payment. 

Step #4: Invoice & Contract

Once we've received your payment

together with the online order form filled out or payment over the phone, we will email separately email you the following:

#1: A rental contract for you to read & sign. (This comes from "PandaDoc", please check your junk mail if you don't see it). 

#2: An invoice showing the payment amount made by you & any outstanding balances such as delivery and tax fees. It will also show an itemized list of everything you have reserved AND important information such as date of event, address, color, size, quantities, etc... 

"It is crucial that you sign the contract and that you carefully revise your  invoice ASAP to confirm for accuracy."

Reservations made with "Delivery Service"

As a courtesy and when possible we deliver all   rental items a day before your Wedding or Event.


2 days prior to your event, you will receive 

an email with your assigned delivery and pickup time information. For your convenience, we delivery on the day before the event & offer a two-hour delivery time window. Keep in mind that our deliveries are based on an organized route system that runs from 9AM-6PM during the summer months.  

Delivery Day

Your rental order will arrive as a "Curbside Delivery Service". All items are delivered on wheels, making it easy for you and your crew to move them around. Please note that customers are 100% in charge of setting up all rental items. 

Pick Up Day

After your event, please place all rental items back on their corresponding rolling carts. 

On the scheduled pick up date, please bring everything outside to the front of the home/venue/business and our Driver will pick it up from the same spot in which it was dropped off. To avoid any waiting or labor fees, please have everything ready to go on time!

Reservations made for "Will Call Orders"

As a courtesy you are welcome to load up all  rental items a day before your Wedding or Event and bring them back the following business day.

Plan Ahead

Please call us 2 days prior to your event to schedule your pickup time. 

Will Call Hours:

Monday to Friday 10 am to 2 pm ONLY

Bring your own loading help

1) Bring enough people to assist YOU in loading your rental items into your vehicle. 

2) Bring the proper sized vehicle, trailer, ramp, straps, etc.. to help you transport all rental items in a safe manner. 

8415 S 700 W 

Sandy Utah 84070

Bring unloading help

1) Make sure you bring or send enough people to unload the rental items for you. (Please don't just send one person to return a fully loaded trailer...). 

Account for enough time since some items will need to be returned in the carts in which we give them to you upon pick up. 

To avoid any extended rental or late return fees, please return all items before 2:00PM on the due date shown on your paperwork.