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Final Note

Will I receive a refund for items that I did not use?
No. Every item that leaves our building is treated the same way when it is returned, even if
it was not used. This means we make sure we clean everything prior to adding it back to
our rotation, which ensures all of our customers are receiving the best product available.

What if I am missing an item or I received something damaged?
Our Delivery Drivers and Will Call staff will count and review each item with whomever is
receiving the order and will, then, request a signature on the invoice. However, if you still
discover that you are missing items or have received damaged items, please give us a
call ASAP to our main line: (801) 918-4602. We will note your account and make
arrangements to replace the item(s) if possible.

**We will not accept disputes after your event has already taken place.**

Am I responsible for damaged, broken or lost items?
Yes. You assume responsibility for all items from the moment you receive them,
whether they are delivered or you pick them up from our warehouse. Our replacement
fees are included in your rental agreement, please make sure to read it.

Do I need to wash the dishware, flatware or linens?
No. We take care of all the cleaning and disinfecting. However, we do request that you
wipe off your plates and remove access food. Also, please shake off your linens after
your event.

What is your cancellation policy?
Once your order is reserved, we immediately remove your items from our available
inventory. This means we cannot offer those items to any other potential customers.
Therefore, any cancellations made within 7 days of your scheduled delivery/will call day
are non-refundable.

All other cancellations made prior will receive a 50% refund of the
total amount.

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